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02.02.2013 , 12:02 AM | #5
In big fights, you hardly have the time to use diagnostic scan. I know I never do, and I generally don't have to pop the energy cd by maintaining my healing, and I am constantly casting as well. What I've seen with higher alacrity is that you have to either allow some time in between casts to maintain your energy, or you need to spam a few diagnostic scans here and there, which to me, is highly inefficient.
Casting a few diagnostic scans is not really inefficient if done right. Ultimately the weighing of addings stats to alacrity or surge comes down to the quantity of additional healing you will put out if you have a higher critical multiplier or the additional healing you could put out with lower cast times, diagnostic scan becoming a valuable tool in the second case to fill in gaps without using more energy. I have not done actual calculations on this myself, but my thought is that once you get so high in surge that the amount of crit multiplier gain is very small, the extra heals coming from the "gaps" created by alacrity will outweigh the extra surge benefit.