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So everyone has their own take on building a character, and there is plenty of debate going on in the ops healer category between power vs cunning.

So I thought I'd post up my build (just got fully geared, all 63/dread guard relics/hazmat ear and implants) and compare to what others have. Please post a completely unbuffed - no stims, so we can compare accurately.

HP - 20 473
Cunning - 2097
Endurance - 1777

Bonus Healing - 658.9
(Cunning - 2097 + 293.6)
(Power - 803 + 136.5)
(Tech Power - 1346 + 228.8)

Accuracy - 100%

Critical Chance - 34.55%
(Cunning - 2097 + 13.01%)
(Critical Rating - 359 + 12.53%)

Critical Multiplier - 80.26%
((Surge Rating - 600 + 29.26%)

For me, I go for a bit of a balance between power and cunning, and you will notice I have a high surge rating. I don't stack any alacrity, because I think it does more harm than good. I've seen some graphs that show that increased alacrity will generally result in a faster depletion of energy, or having to have larger intervals between casts/popping cds more often.

Until there is some form of energy regeneration relating to alacrity, I don't think I will ever use it. A few tenths of a second is not worth it to me, and if it is that kind of emergency, we have the surgical probe, which is a free heal below 30%.

Remember, this is all unbuffed.