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I doubt it neutralised his ability to hide his appearance from others, but I agree that the effort of his duel caused the spell to dissipate. That proves how close he was to death, he couldn't even maintain a simple illusion spell while trying to fend off Mace Windu.

I don't think it was all an act to appear helpless to Anakin, I think he truly was afraid and close to death.

He never used the illusion spell again, because there was no need, by ANH people already knew he was a sith lord, or believed he was deformed in a jedi coup.
I agree with you here, you'll notice that when Sidious is disarmed he scrambles away to the edge of the window in what can only be a display of true fear, as at this point Anakin is not present so he had no reason to feign weakness.

I don't believe however there were any illusions involved, I read the novel Darth Plageius which looks at Sidious' background as a sith apprentice and at no point does it mention he having to maintain an illusion spell to hide his image or become deformed by the dark side. At one point he asks Plageius if one day he will become pale skinned, wrinkled and yellow-eyed like his master though. (Implying this hadn't already happened)

He had also never unleashed that amount of power before on an opponent, Windu was the strongest Jedi he had faced at this point. To match him he had to unleash all his rage and hatred, immersing himself fully in the darkside to use the full limit of his powers, which led to facial features that cannot be explained by lighting e.g. yellow eyes, red, sunken sockets and yellow teeth.