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This is not entirely accurate, I'm pretty sure they tried to address it before. Remember the whole "Gore is on the global cooldown now" and how that went down

Well considering the game has a global cooldow of 1.5s per ability it seems the intent was pretty clearly to be able to buff two attacks (remember the ability was made long before alacrity reduced the duration of the global cooldown). For better or worse the ability is probably closer to its original intent now, the only problem is it makes the spec lose any sort of urgency and momentum. You can just use a saber strike during your ferocity window since the stacks won't be consumed by it anyways which does kill the idea of the spec a bit.

As for all the alacrity well that's clearly a relic of the old Ravage as it was intended as a way to fit Ravage and another ability in a window, it was never intended to get a third attack in the ferocity window.
Well the first iteration of Combat/Carnage's Precision Slash/Gore was 6 seconds long, and the activation was a Global Cooldown.
Let me make two things clear
- Precision Slash out damaged Slash (Yes I'm referring to slash, NOT blade rush, even tho it stronger than both, but less damage than Lance, just to put it in your mind's eye)
- Master Strike was 3 seconds channel, which is essentially 2 GCDs, therefore whenever I refer to MS/Ravage, I'm automatically considering it being 2 GCDs

6 seconds while counting Precision Slashes actual cooldown, is 3 Global Cooldowns,
Considering the fact that Precision had a high value damage pool, suffice to say that corresponding attack is (not concrete on this) affected by it's own affect of 100% armor pen, prolly why it hit so hard.
Essentially, that's 4 GCDs, affected by 100% armor pen, not to mention Riposte/Retailiate existed for Sentinel which depending on focus levels, you could do some serious pain.
If you had the focus for it, (it was around 5 after precision), you could cram them all in, I usually popped pacify prior, to fish for that juicy Riposte.

Yeah that was the good stuff *puffs on expensive pipe*
gosh darn I miss 1.0

(I'm thinking of dropping to 9% alacrity post ataru form passive. But lazy + negative mentality, personally dont think its worth it, I don't see why I should adjust around unnecessary losses, but at the same time going past 12% alacrity is a waste of time unless you can acquire 0.2 second gcd reduction which is 14% if my maths isn't too awful)