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I hate queuing for pvp and ending up loading into Aleraan, only to have to quit because my computer can't run it once the guns start firing. It's choppy, it's laggy, and the speeders don't load fast enough for me to actually hop on and get back into the game. I've gotten to the point where I don't even try anymore and just quit the moment I load and try to get another WZ going. This brings me to my second point:

Why is there not an option for me to opt out of queuing for Alderaan? I realize that it makes up 33% of the available maps, but I don't care, I don't want to waste my time loading it if it's just going to be unplayable. Just let me wait for a game of huttball or voidstar (which run just fine) instead. I don't think Alderaan should be removed by any means, I'm sure it would be fun if I could use more than 3 skills in a fight before lagging to my death, I just want the option for me personally to ignore it automatically rather than waste my time loading five consecutive games of it and having to abandon each one.

In hindsight it's kind of a wonder that the option to play the gametype(s) you want to play and ignore the one(s) you don't got completely overlooked.
I'm sorry your computer is god awful.