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Or you can grit your teeth, save up a little, and get a new PC, instead of blaming the developers for a problem which is obviously your fault, not theirs.
3GHz Quad Core Processor
Dual GTX260s (total of 1792MB of VRAM)

There hasn't been a game to come out since I've built this thing that has dropped below 30fps except in the most extreme circumstances (hello, 50v50 PvP Rift cluster****s). Most games sit at a nice 60 fps (including Skyrim with all settings maxed and mods to further improve the graphics).

Alderaan? 10fps if I'm lucky. Voidstar averages 20fps and Huttball about 25fps. Ilum never gets above the single-digits if I'm anywhere near the fight.

An odd note: my FPS in warzones is 5-10 higher in sub-50 PvP. My theory is that the models for level 50 armor have more animations (I know that the 50 assassin chest has a crapton more detail than what I'd been wearing).