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If you want want to waste your time making foolish speculation about what I bother to do, that is on you. I merely pointed out that your telling the devs to change something but not stating why is bad form, and it is. If you're not mature enough to address that, I understand. It doesn't come as a terrible shock.
I was intending to reply to the rest of your post in a sensible manner, but sadly I reached this point and if you're going to bring up maturity, using it as a crutch to discredit me and my replies then I apologise, but I won't bother to respond to you. Besides, for some reason you come at me in this very hostile manner, so please don't be surprised I have no interest in replying to you.

The Devs are well aware of the critiques expressed at the gearing changes, it has been THE topic of discussion on the forums ever since 5.10 had been released. Why you single me out of all the other threads that are out there on this topic is a mystery to me, yet here we are.

Have a nice day.
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