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Before you get all judgemental, here is a link to a thread that voiced the thoughts and feelings of the community in regards to the new gear changes that Jedi Under Siege introduced:
It doesn't really change the point that I made, that if you're going to start a thread saying that the devs should change something, you ought to mention what is wrong with the thing you want change, other than symptoms of the problem. To call that being judgmental is just disingenuous.

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I didn't mention them in the OP because by now majority of the forum posters know what players find wrong with the changes. It shows you haven't been reading the forums.
It shows that I haven't been reading the forums because that's what I stated. But if you take great pride in the fact that you have, then that's pretty sad.

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As I said in the OP, I personally have no large issues, but I am in a minority in regards to that. What do players criticise? It's another gear grind. We just finished the Galactic Command grind and now we are thrown into yet another one.
I have to say, how slow does one have to be at gearing to have just finished with Galactic Command? I have tons of 248 and 242 legendary stuff lying around.

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On top of that, the gear mods and enhancements are bound to their gear piece category. You want to minmax? Too bad! The mods and enhancements in leg pieces can only be put into leg pieces.
This is annoying, but that's a problem in need of a reform, not a wholesale scrapping of the system that you are calling for.

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I have seen PvP players complain as well that they are forced to do PvE content in order to get their gear up to date for Ranked and Unranked warzones so as to stay competitive.
There does seem to be some merit there, but I think only in so far as it restricts the diversity of what you can fight competitively. If a person only does ranked with one character, then it's not beyond reason to gear that one character up. As for unranked, isn't there bolster up to 252?

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The massive amount of criticism the gearing changes in 5.10 have received are proof that they don't work, they proof that players are unhappy with it. Had you bothered to read up on some of the threads you would have known what people were talking about.
If you want want to waste your time making foolish speculation about what I bother to do, that is on you. I merely pointed out that your telling the devs to change something but not stating why is bad form, and it is. If you're not mature enough to address that, I understand. It doesn't come as a terrible shock.
Undo the tank nerf. Find a different way to deal with skank tanks in warzones. The tank nerf really sucks.