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Personally I like the new gear in that it makes clearing old Nightmare operations content easier to clear. I suspect many others feel the same way, but would be too hesitant to say so out of fear of being called a sh***er.

Could you make the case for why you say the 5.10 gear changes don't work? I'll admit I don't regularly read the forums, but if you're going to call for changes, shouldn't you have already made the case as to what is so bad about the 5.10 gear changes? It would be like me saying: change the laws on vehicle certification, they suck, everyone knows their bad, don't be stubborn and then I never actually say what's wrong with them.

Really bad form, IMO.
Before you get all judgemental, here is a link to a thread that voiced the thoughts and feelings of the community in regards to the new gear changes that Jedi Under Siege introduced:

I didn't mention them in the OP because by now majority of the forum posters know what players find wrong with the changes. It shows you haven't been reading the forums.

As I said in the OP, I personally have no large issues, but I am in a minority in regards to that. What do players criticise? It's another gear grind. We just finished the Galactic Command grind and now we are thrown into yet another one.

On top of that, the gear mods and enhancements are bound to their gear piece category. You want to minmax? Too bad! The mods and enhancements in leg pieces can only be put into leg pieces.

I have seen PvP players complain as well that they are forced to do PvE content in order to get their gear up to date for Ranked and Unranked warzones so as to stay competitive.

I don't know the list of criticism by heart, there's been too many discussions and threads about it on the forums. But I am absolutely convinced others will chime in and fill in the list.

The massive amount of criticism the gearing changes in 5.10 have received are proof that they don't work, they proof that players are unhappy with it. Had you bothered to read up on some of the threads you would have known what people were talking about.
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