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01.16.2019 , 02:16 PM | #2
Personally I like the new gear in that it makes clearing old Nightmare operations content easier to clear. I suspect many others feel the same way, but would be too hesitant to say so out of fear of being called a sh***er.

Could you make the case for why you say the 5.10 gear changes don't work? I'll admit I don't regularly read the forums, but if you're going to call for changes, shouldn't you have already made the case as to what is so bad about the 5.10 gear changes? It would be like me saying: change the laws on vehicle certification, they suck, everyone knows their bad, don't be stubborn and then I never actually say what's wrong with them.

Really bad form, IMO.
Undo the tank nerf. Find a different way to deal with skank tanks in warzones. The tank nerf really sucks.