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Most of the time I am supportive of Bioware and try to spread positivity about the game and its direction. But not today and not now. Even though I personally am not that bothered by the gear grind, I am in a minority in regards to that as the majority of the players is highly unsatisfied with the 5.10 gearing changes.

Therefore, I am appealing to the devs directly through this thread: don't be stubborn. Let your initial idea for the 5.10 gear changes go, there is no merit in buckling down in your belief that you are correct or that this is what the playerbase needs. Because it isn't, this isn't what the players want or need.

Don't presume to speak for the players, listen to them instead. Jedi Under Siege could have been a great update if it hadn't been for the gear grind you have introduced (yes I know, the bugs ruined a lot as well). You have made changes that will work detrimentally to the playerbase and therefore I beg you: put your own wants aside and please listen to the playerbase. Put aside what you want to see implemented into the game and listen to what the players are telling you they'd like to see in regards to gearing.

Please, don't be stubborn.
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