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Good question OP!

Here is my list:

Jedi Knight - Pretty much like them all, even Scourge because I like his back story although its tough being a Lightsider around him! But T7 is my favourite - the most loyal, funny and dangerous robot to have around, the little guy is just brilliant. His ebullience is something to behold, like him tons

Consular: I don't have a clear cut favourite, Tharan has his moments, but mostly want to slap him for complaining my about using the Force - I'm a Jedi, what the heck does he expect?! Qyzen is peculiar and reminds me of an annoying work colleague. Zenith is for the Dark Siders, not me, though I do like his voice! Felix is nice and I like his attitude, Nadia is enthusiastic but can be a bit weird but she would have to be my favourite to travel with.

Smuggler: Don't have a real favourite, Corso was fun, Bowdar cool, Gus funny, Risha good to trade banter with but I for some reason have a soft spot for Akaavi, I think my Smuggler fancies her but she is SO angry!!

Trooper: Aric is terribly angry all the time, silly kitty, Tanno is for Dark Siders. M1, Elara and Yuun are all equally excellent, I could not decide who is the best, though Elara's accent...Gosh!

Inquisitor: I've done both Dark and Light for this, I feel the companions as a whole are suited to a Dark Sider, the responses to your despicable actions are in my humble opinion better when you have anyone but Talos or Ashara who are way more suited to the Light. Xalex is my favourite for Dark Side, he is excellently evil and dark. Talos is my favourite for the Light cos I studied history at university and he and I share the same enthusiasm for the subject!

Warrior: Vette, yes, love her to bits! Witty and very appreciative of my being as rude as possible to Darth Baras!

Imperial Agent: I've only maxed out Vector who I think is great for a Light Sider, Kaliyo is dangerously fun, Dr Lokan is odd, Raina I've not spoken to much and Scorpoi is homocidal!

Bounty Hunter: Skadge needs to die. He is not welcome on my ship! Mako is lovely, Gault funny, Torian got better as I got to know him but best of the lot is Blizz. Blizz is adorable. I maxed out his affection so quickly because he is just awesome! ROCKET LAUNCHER!!

So out of all of them either Blizz or T7, Blizz for the sheer hilarity and excellent fun, T7 for the most loyal friend to have for a Jedi
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