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Seriously, no one has mentioned Mako yet? Apart from that point where you have to use Skadge for a little while (but can dismiss his *** and bring her back out before you fight) Ive literally never used anyone else on my PT, and never felt the need to either.

Apart from her:
  • Blizz for my merc because, as others have mentioned, Jawa with a rocket launcher and probably the funniest dialogue in the game.
  • Vette, cause shes awesome. Leveled my juggernaut entirely with Vette, even though that made things take longer with having to recharge every couple pulls (also, Quinn is a .. "@$%&!," for numerous reasons).
  • Kira. Because Kira has the highest freaking crit rate I have ever seen for augmentation kits (about 60%). That girl never fails to deliver. And, the character is freaking awesome.
  • Kaliyo. Bioware, for all their faults, did a very good job with her. She feels like a legitimate, real person. A totally amoral, selfish, lying ***** of a psychopath to be sure, but a believable one. Far better than that goody two shoes Temple.

Lastly, Id say Holiday deserves an honourable mention. Shes about the only saving grace to Theran Cedrax. Id airlock that mofo in a heartbeat if I could keep her. Although, to be fair, the reason why I like her is because of the interaction between her, Theran, and the consular that develops her to be a her and something more than translucent pink eye-candy.