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M1 4X is probably one of my favourites. Just a funny guy in a yes sir way. Vette is pretty awesome, funny and just seems like a cool person to hang out with. Jaessa is cool, sucks you can't romance LS but I make do. Bowdaar is cool because wookie, nuff said. HK obviously for nostalgic reasons and cause Sniper. Blizz cause I f***ing love Jawa's, I like Treek, pretty funny and gels with me nicely. Quite a few I like and quite a few I haven't even played with yet.

Honestly there is only 1 per class (Roughly) that I don't like. Kaliyo, the 1st companion on Smuggler and whats his face on the trooper (cathaar) are some of the companions I don't like. The fat guy on my Merc I didn't like for a while but he's grown on me, Skadge I think his name is.

Hopefully we get a Tusken Raider companion one of these days. Feel like it's the cheapest way to implement new companions due to not really needing new dialogue. And cause it'd be funny in a really annoying way. Would prefer a wookie but considering Bowdaar exists already people probably would want something different.
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