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06.11.2014 , 03:06 PM | #12
Vette, Vette and more Vette.

My first toon was the Sith Warrior, and when I first got her, I never imagined this annoying Twi'lek thief type (I hate thief types) who opposes every action I take, will grow on me. But goodness, she did. Vette is funny, witty, and never fails to improve the mood. And with all that, she still has immense depth of character and a great backstory. In fact, I deleted and remade my toon just to be nice to her.

Since then, I've broadened my horizons and played more classes, but no other companion has ever made me smile so much. There's something beautiful about how incredibly unlikely it is for Vette to befriend the (full darkside) Sith Warrior, and yet despite being so unlikely, it also makes sense, when you're near the end of chapter 3 and you think of all they've been through together. One of the most touching lines I've heard in this game (or any game), especially coming from the Sith Warrior and his menacing, commanding voice:


Oh, and then I made another Sith Warrior just to romance her. So yeah.