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I've honestly been waiting for this kind of thread, but just didn't wanna start it. Ignore my sig when reading this. Hasn't been updated in a long while. Here we go:

Consular: The only companion I like is Qyzen. I did notice a lot don't like him though which makes me sad He compliments the personality of my Consular nicely so we made a good team.

Agent: Favorite here is Vector. He is so delightfully creepy and weird, but he's also incredibly sweet and funny. He was a delight to have around and would love to have him accompany some of my other characters. Second is little miss SCORPIO Sanctions. She was so morbid and evil it was hilarious. I used her pretty much exclusively after I got on Belsavis. I wish she had just a little more dialogue to showcase her personality. Lastly is Kaliyo. I just loved her dialogue the entire time and her storyline was great. She and my agent made a pretty kickass female spy duo. I often times found myself going over dialogue twice, sometimes three times, just to hear what sarcastic remark she would make.

Inquisitor: I honestly love all of them, except Ashara. She really just rubs me the wrong way. Khem was just so evil which really suited the personality of my Inquisitor. She's a completely sadistic psycho and loves his desire to devour Force users. Andronikos was really sweet in his own way and brought out the soft side of my Inquisitor. Talos was so perky that it was awesome. He served a nice kind of assistant role. Xalek was interesting. Sadly, you just don't have him long enough to really get a good sense of him. I liked him though.

Smuggler: I actually really like Corso. I know most people don't like his overly chivalrous attitude, but I thought he was really sweet. Just the kind of man I want, lol! Bowdaar was so hilarious. He even says one of the best lines in the game, for me. "I want to climb a tree before we leave" He has so many great lines, that you just can't hate the Wookie.

Trooper: I only have Aric, so I will withhold judgement. I have heard some of the droid's lines though while questing with a Trooper friend on my Consular. He's quite amusing, that I think he'll be a nice comic relief.

Warrior: So far, I only have Vette and Quinn. I really do like Vette. She's witty, hilarious, and a delight. I've yet to form an opinion of Quinn.

Bounty Hunter: Really like Blizz and Torian. Torian adds a nice bit of Mandalorian culture to the crew. And Blizz is a Jawa with a freaking rocket launcher. 'nough said.

Knight: Only have T7 so far. So, I'm going to withhold judgement for the most part. T7 is amusing. From my interactions with Kira so far, she seems funny. Not sure if I'll like her though.
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