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Check this link first. The answer there may resolve your issue.

If not then it sounds like you need to do a repair. BitRaider often becomes stuck and needs a little push to get working again. See the link below for instructions how on to initiate a repair. Note that it will involve deleting some files from your install folder. If you're squeamish about doing that, although they are safe to delete, you can just rename the files for the same result.

Alternatively, you can switch off the BitRaider streaming client, which resolves a number of patching issues, but that does require a full download of the game again. So, maybe something you do before leaving for work / school. This page has instructions on how to disable BitRaider and switch to the non-streaming client.

Hopefully one of the above links will resolve your issue.
Trying one tips after another do i really have to download alot of assets just to play for 20 minutes before i have to work i am ready to abandon this game forever if the launcher ISNT FIXED NOW!!!