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A New Hope: Luke has a visor over his face and can't see. Obi Wan is trying to get him to stop using his physical senses to attack the probe and use the force. Accuracy there is... where exactly?.
How about calling it "attunement" for force users?

Anyway, even from a game-mechanics perspective, the stat is pretty pointless. No dps seriously considers less than 110% for PVE; it's just a small hurdle for new players, similar to the "option" of using the wrong main stat pre-4.0.

And if reducing a dps's stat budget compared to a healer is a means of balancing, this could be done by other means, like having a little less mastery on dps armorings.
Let us turn off that gaudy flashing icon over every vendor's head.
Let us sort our companion list and hide or kick out the unwanted ones!