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I've just more or less (minus an augment or three) followed class guides, and in those class guides, I often see at the 230 level requiring 735 points in accuracy.

Healers, thankfully (I play a lot of healers) don't need it. (Can you imagine? Low accuracy = fix someone's stubbed toe rather than heal major internal bleeding).

So, I was looking at a class guide the other day and noticed 735 accuracy for a lightning sorc, and I began to wonder:
What is it about the force that would require accuracy?

Darth Baras choke-holds someone from across the galaxy via a holoterminal. He must have needed incredibly high accuracy to do that, otherwise he could have missed and attacked some random person on another holoterminal.
Darth Baras: Whups, sorry about the windpipe there, I was trying to attack someone else.

Accuracy in relation to using the force, at least for me, feels odd. For anyone who must physically align a gunsight to a target, yes. Perfect sense.

But would not the force be guiding one's hand when bringing down a light saber on an enemy, rather than physical accuracy? Would one's strike of lightning on an enemy, 100% force-driven, require physical accuracy to meet its target? Really?

Just odd that force wielders of any subclass need accuracy at all.
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