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It thought at the way how you can recruit Arcann and he was a main antagonist too.

Of course it would makes only sense if the story with Malgus is finally over but I could it unterstand if he won't become a companion. But Satele would not destroy the story, since he left everything back and so the player took her place on his own way.

I hope that there would be something possible if it shall be able to save her cause she could support the alliance from the background
Actually Satele is still part of the story. I would suggest you do onslaught and the latest updates on the story to find out what part she plays right now.

I don't mind Nico and Shae being purchased on the CM but I do have a problem with Ranos being purchased as she was never a subscriber award. She was the one that was given at the end of an event (Dark/Light Event) and we had to go through a lot of things in order to qualify to receive her so I don't think she should be purchased. Putting her on the CM just doesn't feel right in my book due to what we had to do to get to that specific rank where we were awarded her as a companion.
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