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lol, all these people saying the new small, med, large are all easily to obtain, perhaps the ones with the large conquest driven guilds will be, my guild does medium yield and has done 1.8 million in points once we mostly get between 600k and 800k a week and we will have to change from medium yield to small. 50k for personal, lol to get the points for the medium yield right now, many of our guild does multiple alts, but now, we may have to cut the number of alts we do a week, to perhaps 2 or 3. I have gotten 10 to 12 alts at times to help my guild reach goal, but now 3 might be my new max.

People have always said this was easy and that as easy, someone once said you could go from lvl 1 to 50 in about 8 to 10 hours, another said you can make 20 - 40 mil a night on the gtn by crafting, it perhaps can be done, but not by me.

And now they saying that 50k is easy to get for a alt, I sometimes do heroics so I can get the rampage points, plus points for the heroic, but with galactic rampage gone it will be harder to get and I do minor pvp, but not much, I mostly get my points by doing rampages and heroics, as well as getting a wb or 2.

if the raising of points is supposed to stop the larger conquest guilds as someone said in this forum, it will not I have seen large guilds with 12 to 20 mil conquest points in large yield, and it seems that unless you have a guild of active conquest alts, don't worry about getting the new armor and such, because it might be beyond your reach
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