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You just answered why a healer ask for guard because 99% of the time no one is following kill order, everyone is killing their own thing, and the heal gains the most aggro after 5 sec just by throwing basic heal probes.

Maybe I should just try the No Heal No Aggro trick. Won't gain aggro more than ****** tank and dps if I do nothing.
One. If this happens in master mode, speak up, remind them on kill order. If nothing changes ignore tank and dps. They are bad. You ignore them, because they are bad, and not because tank doesn't gave you guard. Again, guard will not help in this situation. 25% aggro reduction does not help, when they all ignore basic gameplay. But you should never put a tank on ignore, because he does not want to give you guard right at the start. You should never tell a new tank, guard is for healers.

Two. If this happens in veteran mode, with an all-dps group, okay... it happens alot, because people learn in veteran mode. And you have to learn as a healer as well ... protect yourself. Either you heal through it, if you're good enough. Honestly, this situations are the most fun part as a healer, because you finally have to heal something on veteran mode. Or, as you said, you don't start healing, if you can't handle the aggro. Wait till somebody is under 50% and than you start healing. Remember, your main focus as a healer is to stay alive. After that you can rescue others. Don't heal, if you know, you will die. They have DCDs. They can use them.

An example... last boss Hammer-Station. Master or veteran, does not matter. Tank and two melee dps burning the boss. Once in a while two adds appear. Let's assume everbody is ignoring them, and you as a healer have to deal with them. How do you deal with them? How do you protect yourself? Simple. Don't stand at 25m range. Go grap the adds and walk over to tank and dps. They do one aoe attack, and you will lose aggro. Don't stand there and wait, that one dps comes over to rescue you. Play more proactive and help your group. Same with the Korriban boss, the droid in front of the gate. You gain aggro as a healer on the spawning melee adds. Grap them, go to boss, aoe from tank or dps, done. Or Mandalorian Raiders... this cute little doggos, jumping at you. Don't panic, run to group members, they will at one time have to cast an abilitiy with aoe damage. If we are talking about range adds, go position yourself around a crate/corner or something. Nathema, last boss. The beams from the alkoven-phase. Run and hide behind a pillar. Don't stand in the open and let them wreck you. Learn to protect yourself.

I have seen this so often, so much. Healers thinking it is enough, if they heal. You have so much more to do as a healer, than pressing small heal, big heal,.. etc. Positioning. Your most valuable defensive cooldown. Just don't stand there and let adds wreck you. Think.

It is unfortunate, but you will get these kind of groups. Sometimes there is nothing you can do. But in all these cases, a 25% aggro reduce with guard will not help you, if no tank or dps is attacking the target, that is attacking you.

This is simply a thing you have to learn as a healer. Which trash groups are giving me trouble, and why? What can i do, to change that? And if your answer is, "random tank at the start of the flashpoint, give me guard or i quit". Nope. You can improve in other ways.

I have something like 95% Flashpoints achievements. 85% i did in random groups. 80% as a healer. I've seen it all. And honestly, you should be totally capable to keep yourself up against any trash group in veteran or master, till incompetent teammates kill them. If they pull like three or four groups,.. yeah... you should be good.