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01.21.2021 , 12:32 AM | #10081
Quote: Originally Posted by SoontirMorillo View Post
A tank puts guard on healer, if he does not know better.
A tank puts guard on healer, if the healer is whining, and he just wants him to shut up. And he is confident enough, he don't need it to hold aggro against dps.
Guard actually does reduce incoming damage on guarded player, it's only 5% though, and 25% less threat, which (as you pointed out) does not change anything if no damage is going out to the adds and only heal threat is generated.
Still there are fights where the tiny reduction still comes in handy, when there is lots of unavoidable damage coming in for example, then healer can benefit and heal others more, e.g. Umbara last boss I'd say. Still a matter of taste maybe?

Anyway, I guess I know the streamer you mentioned before, at least there is one who went into Nathema undergeared and not knowing the FP and lacking knowledge of the damage mitigation parts of the rotation of his PT. Seeing how self-conscious I am (I don't dare going there knowing the fights at least as DPS/Heal and with a well equipped tank I know the spec pretty well) I thought it amazing how different people are. I wish I had a similar confidence, because in the end they got things done, which is what counts.

Last week I had a "I am tank, I am boss" type: Rishi, tank asks for bonus, one guy in the group doesn't want to try, tank quits. I mean, come on.

And just yesterday Nathema popped, tank insta quits. One Stealther still starts stealthing through, the other DPS quits (maybe he didn't know the tactics even though I whispered what was going on) without a word. Before the first boss we luckily got replacements, tank says he was a returning player and didn't know the fights except for Story, so we took a little time trying to explain the fights in chat. One shoted everything with minor hickups, except for last boss where we had a wipe at 12%, killed it in 2nd try. Tank asked for areas of improvement after every fight, that as pretty awesome.