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I really don't understand why people have so much trouble with Mako or her CC ability.

I made great use of it while leveling, I felt no need to turn it off at all, I just made sure she was targeted on the mobs I wanted her to CC and attack when going through her rotation and not in the middle of healing me.
I agree with you here. She hits one with her CC then I hit one with mine then the fight is one on one. He 8 second CC last just long enough for me to bring one down. So after I engage one and take it down her CC is up then I hit hers. After hers there is one left. The whole time its pretty much one on one. Almost no down time between mobs. Doing it this way.

Mako is the way to go. Only problem I have is if I get two mobs together he sometimes runs up to them and CC's one of them. Then I have two mobs to deal with.