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Hello, looks like a nice guide, I am sure I will be consulting it later on as I am advancing the Guardian.

Yet it still doe snot answer some basic questions.

Like: What are the fundamental Differences of the three specs. from what I understand all Guardians are basically Tanks but then how does Defence, Vigilance and Focus differ?

Reading many posts it seems like Defence if better for PVE and people seem to prefer Vigilance op PvP, what about Focus?

Is it more of a support specialisation?
Defence is the only tank spec for Guardians. Vigilance is (supposedly) the sustained DPS spec and Focus is the burst DPS spec. Defence is better for PVE, if only because more people would accept a Guardian tank than a Guardian DPS to a raid group, although this "current" content can be cleared by any class. Choose either Vigilance or Focus for PVP, but smart players who know the Focus rotation will be able to negate some of your damage based on where you are in your rotation. This guide is specifically for Vigilance/Vengeance DPS, although I'm sure you could find guides for the other specs on this forum.
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