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Pretty sure they said they were not going with a cinematic trailer this time round. Guessing resourses are being focussed on game content itself and maybe as the focus seems to be leaning very much towards the new gearing there might not be a whole lot of conent that would be saleable through the a trailer. My expectations are low (and hoping that I'll be surprised in a good way).

Good luck to the devs and hope it all goes to plan. And can I be the first to wish you well for 7.0 next year!!
I get to work in motion capture performance (with the company that has made the SWTOR trailers) quite a bit and those cinematics are NOT cheap by any stretch of the imagination, so I would be extremely surprised if we got one. I hope we don't though honestly. I'd rather money be put into the game itself (64-bit client please?).
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