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Let me quote something from another thread that has the same relevance with this discussion..

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... the game is now more dependent than ever on a symbiosis of pve (OPs), pve (story) and pvp because we have such a low population.
Which ever part people play and like or hate is just as important as the other parts. I think once people get that through their heads they may realise there is more to keeping this game a float than just their self interested part of the game.
It's why server merges, server population density and activity are such a hot topic and why there is no consensus on why it's actually an issue for certain parts of the player base.
People are so focused on their part of the game that they forget that other people don't all play the same part as them. EVERY part of this game is just as important as another, we may not play it, we may not understand the attraction to it and we may hate it, but just losing one section of the community will sink this game. We are already running on fumes and we cannot afford to hold to our own petty differences anymore.
We are all entitled to our opinions and healthy discussions to promote our part of the game, but we should not be telling others that our part of the game is more self entitled than the next.
Changes to the game should take into account all aspects of the player base. I think most rational people here understand that and want what's best for the game. Occasionally some very small changes affect others unintentionally, that cannot not always be helped, but at least Bio seem to be trying to minimise those,
Class balance is one of those things that is going to affect some people more than others. What I think lots of us are trying to do is point out why we think there are some flaws in the process to actually minimise those disruptions. I think that is something people are forgetting.
Now that was in the class balance thread.. but it's the same here.
We cannot keep holding to our own petty differences about which part of the game is more important. ALL parts of the game are important.
There is a major issue with population density and activity. I think any rational person can see that even if it doesn't affect their part of the game. Without a fix for that, the game is doomed. I don't know exactly what the fix should be, but something needs to happen soon of we won't have a game. That may mean some compromises from some people to allow the game to stay viable. There is no silver bullet to fix this issue, it's just a fact.
I'm sure Bio don't want to lose anymore players and doing a merge is risky "if" they don't do it right and put safe guards in place to minimise disruption to all parts of the game. If there is another viable and economical way they can fix this issue besides mergers I think they should/would take it. But I can't think of what that would be now. Cross server (in regions only) may have worked 12 months ago, but not now, there just isn't eneough people anymore,

If I were to step out of this situation as a player and look at it from a economic business perspective and risk management plan. I would conclude that the business is wasting money by running so many servers with so few people on them. That is just a hard fact, wether it's palatable or not. But I would also look at my risk management plan to see what closing or merging those servers does vs keeping them open to the bottom line of the business and would the business still be viable if that were to happen.
It will come down to risk vs cost vs viability.
If it's likely to kill the business by merging the servers they won't do it unless that is already in the plan.
If merging keeps the business viable and the costs lower vs the risk of losing some players and they still come out in front, then they'll probably take that path.
If leaving things as they are allows them to keep them game running longer and making more money than it would from merging, then they'll do that.

I've said it before and I'll say it again because I care what happens to this game. We should stop bickering with each other on whose part of the game is the most important and why its impossible for mergers to happen or why they should happen at the expense of others.
What we should be doing is having a list of things to present to Bioware about our concerns with population density, game activity and risks involved in mergers. This way they can have a "player feed back check list" to go through and tick off as they have their internal discussions on what they intend to do.
As it stands this thread is a disgrace and I wouldn't pay any attention to it either if I was Keith.

How about we try a different approach and recognise that all parts of the game are equal and everyone's concerns are valid.
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