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In regs you're supposed to do your job too. Your job is not number farming, it's playing to win.

I have zero sympathy for ranked players whining about people ruining their games, since it's players like you and the 'regs don't matter' mindset that have ruined 8v8's.
A few years ago, when someone lost a node in regs, people would say something like "***" or "Call out for help next time" or "Who was guarding that?" There was an expectation that there was a job, and more of a social "shaming" element for failing to do that. My observation is quite simply, that expectation no longer exists.

I love regs, (except huttball) and I only play objectives, and it's really sad what's happened in these past few years. But that's Bioware's fault, because winning or losing matches in regs doesn't matter all that much in terms of rewards. That's what lead to the current attitude about regs. Bioware is what ruined regs, the players can only adjust their attitudes to the reality that's in front of them.

So no, nobody cares if someone does there job in regs or not.

Back in 2.0, there were crafters who were leeching in pvp. They'd refuse to buy pvp gear, and having them in your team was almost an automatic loss. They'd spend their comms on pvp gear, and dissasemble it for high end mats. They were scum who were ruining the integrity of the pvp matches for their own greed. We managed to convince some of them to at least buy the lower tier pvp sets, so their expertise was high enough not to instantly die, but most just kept on farming losses.

I don't see any difference between those people farming losses in regs for high end mats in 2.0, and people farming losses in ranked for high end gear in 5.10. It's all just greed that drags the game down, and makes the real pvpers not want to pvp in SWTOR anymore.

Just to be clear, you're projecting quite a bit onto me that's frankly untrue. I play regs on a daily basis, and I only play objectives. I wouldn't call myself a member of the ranked community. I do think that those members in the ranked community, that try to have fun with it, have a uphill battle. Part of that uphill battle is people constantly throwing games. If you know your gear isn't good enough to compete, that's throwing the game.

Imagine being in a tennis tournament, where every match you get a random teammate for doubles. Are you going to have fun when your random teammate's racket is a busted up piece of garbage? When he can't even properly serve the ball? Why would he even show up, or play, knowing he was ruining the chances of whomever he played with? He's only here for the participation trophy, and that's all you're going to get as a member of his team too. I don't have to respect people who act like that.

So thanks for your input, Little Dragon, but I'll keep my "elitist attitude" thank you VERY much. (Brie Larson, lol) Elitist attitudes actually drive MMOS to success, and all inclusive expectations actually hurt mmos. If you need proof, look at the population increases in Wow in vanilla and Burning Crusade, and look at the population now.