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05.11.2016 , 06:05 PM | #1
For 4 days now my Character has been stuck in someone elses stronghold because I quit the game in my own stronghold and got booted to my last location. Now whenever I load my character the UI is solid black and all I see is the mouse pointer. I can hear the ambient sound of the Yavin 4 stronghold but other than that, I can't do or see anything. No UI at all.

I have made tickets and tried calling support and made a post in bug report and got absolutely nothing. Quite frankly I am pissed off that my main toon is inaccessible and unusable when all that's *********** needed is for a dev to move the damn character to anywhere else. Literally anywhere.

Fix your *********** **** EA/Bioware. This kind of game destroying bug SHOULD NOT EXIST and be among the highest of priorities to fix.