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Quote: Originally Posted by RafaelPeretz View Post
They never hear us anyway.
Us? What group are you speaking for? The entirety of the playerbase or the select few that rant about Huttball? In the latter case you don't take into account the amount of people that actually do like Huttball, of which there are many. But people generally don't make forum threads about things they like.

If Bioware were to take the original poster at face value and assume he spoke for everyone, and then actually did "fix the issue" (which, to me, seem to be a non-issue spurred on by self-deception) I'd personally be pissed, and so would anyone who actually likes Huttball.

A more elegant fix would be to allow us to blacklist Warzones, like you can do in World of Warcraft. That way, everyone gets happy. Unless such a system would have an averse effect on the queue times. Then people would be mad again.