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Huttball - either you really love it or you really hate it, it seems. I don't get it though, why do people not like Huttball? Is it because it's so objective-oriented and people just wants a game mode where they can punch and kill people? To me, this legitimally seems to be the reason as it is so common to see people completely ignore the objectives in Huttball. But then, people seem to be completely ignoring objectives in most WZs.

I, for one, play for the objectives when I'm in a Warzone. Because I'm primarily playing stealth classes I'm forced to sit on the defense a lot, which can lead to exciting games where you end up with 0 in everything on the scoreboard except for on the Objectives score. Meaning you can sit for several minutes doing nothing. Not really exhilarating gameplay. The worst part is, since so many people don't care about objectives, when I do need help I often do not receive it, and it's never because I did not call. I always copy the text "/ops West, " or "/ops East, " when on defense. So when an enemy shows up I can just hit CTRL+v and type in a digit, and I always do this before I engage in combat. But unless I play with friends, this warning has a habit on falling on deaf ears as people, seemingly, don't play for the objectives. They follow where the enemy is so they get to punch them.

This is why I don't like Civil War or Yavin Ruins. I especially don't like how powerful the stealth classes are in these maps. Both Operatives and Shadows have access to two 8-sec mezzes, and the capture time on the objectives is 8 seconds (6 in Ancient Hypergate...). If a capture point is taken it can be difficult to get it back. This is why I love the capping mechanics of Novare Coast; it's harder to ninja-cap (you pretty much have to kill the defender unless they are completely oblivious) and if you outnumber the enemy chances are you can get your point back progressively; it's not a hard switch. But even Novare Coast suffers from the playerbase not always caring about the objectives.

In this sense, Huttball is great! It doesn't matter which class I play, I always feel like I have a role. I don't ever have to sit and wait like I do in Civil War and Yavin Ruins. Although, of course there are games where I can stay on the enemy line throughout the whole match but such games tend to be extremely one-sided and can be over within a minute or two. Civil War is never fast, not even when you or the enemy have taken all three turrets. So... before you voice your opinion on Huttball, you better learn to play for the bloody objectives in the other WZs. Rant over.
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