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01.25.2019 , 03:11 AM | #12
They should make Huttballs (in a bundle) - the Alderran and the other same re-coated map (i think its Yavin) - Arenas (also in same bundle, which I think they are) and the others. Since Odessen, Novare Coast, Ancient Hypergate, and Voidstar are all different.

I think the original Huttball is still the best.
Objective focused it is? But I think the most objective War Zone we have is Odessen. I would have liked to see this in Ranked and what teams would have done. It was surely a map which helps the singular to work as a team. So it was a cool scenario. Anyways I think I better dream it more a chance to see a scenario...

I like the random map thing, although when a map repeats itself three times it gets really boring especially if you lose all three of them in a row
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