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Imo opinion powertechs are slightly underpowered in PvP especially in terms of pumping out damage -- everything they can do mercenarys do better(but at range). Like many of our close combat fire abilities just seem to be very lacking combined with many lackluster talent tree options.

Also I cannot create a thread title for some reason(so if anyone can help me that would be great).
You'd hate mercenary if you think powertech is underpowered. You'd basically be trading in all of your survivability and good utility skills in exchange for a ~20% damage increase. Sounds like a lot, but every single melee class would dominate you since you're one of the most easily interrupted casters in the entire game.

When I try to 1v1 a Powertech in Huttball, I usually end up dying while he's still sitting at around 80% HP. Can't cast anything at all against the good ones.