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i would agree with you if and only if they unlocked the level 50 ops on the group finder for level 55's.
I don't completely agree, here's why:

story mode was 4 mannable, easily, a long time ago (ev was 4 manned back when rakata was top tier and it wasn't fully moddable or augmentable). Hard mode/nightmare mode like is 4 mannable now. We completed a timed 16 man NiM KP run with 10 people (2 healers only, one barely in black hole gear). With a geared group you could probably 8 man it. EV is even easier.

I'd say that having the group finder for that kind of content at 55 might remove the fun for people trying to do it at 50. Besides, most people were forming groups before hand anyway and did them only for the comms. So basically what they're removing is the commendations for content tha is basically easier than some 55 hm fps albeit slightly longer.
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