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04.12.2013 , 06:38 AM | #5087
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Roll a toon on Harbringer. Spend 10 minutes reading general chat on Tython. Be amazed at how lost you feel, drowned out by hundreds of troll posts on general chat. Imagine how fleet chat will be. /killself.
This is the issue for me. Ping won't be an issue (obviously...same time zone as the new server), and I already know I'm losing all my character names (annoying, but hardly unexpected). But now I get to endure what appears to be one of the worst communities this game has ever produced. Not everyone - but there are enough there who seem intent on screwing up other people's game experience.

The merge is going forward. I know that despite having signed the petition, nothing will happen that's going to change that. I understand that. It just galls me that they didn't actually listen to what a good majority of their respondents were saying, and that I'm going to lose the good community I selected to play in because of that. It's not a 'I quit'-severity problem (for me, anyways), but it is very, very discouraging.