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04.12.2013 , 05:58 AM | #5083
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There goes our ping then.

Back to WoW for me

Check ya Bioware.
Basically this. I had a huge feeling that Bioware would give up on the APAC servers but thought they might think of an inventive way to fix the population issues without sacrificing our ping.

But with this many Australasia player will see no point in subscribing to this game and go back to WoW. Yes WoW is outdated and I hate how blizzard has turned it into a dying cashcow. But they do have the one thing SWTOR lacks and thats the cross realm queuing system that easily gets them into groups to do PvP and content.

I really hope this isn't the final solution to the problem and that they keep working on it to attract more oceanic players, but you mistreat us here like every other MMO and most will flock back to the ones where they spent the most time and money on. And believe me it won't be this game.