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Eric said otherwise.

He works for Bioware. He probably knows more about than you and I combined.

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No he did not. He said "if you can't find it when it's live, look for it when it's not live". That doesn't mean it cannot be found when it's live, or vice versa. It means that if you are having a hard time finding it with the event live, it's because there are so many players getting the achievement. Wait until it's not live to have an easier time getting it when there aren't as many running around getting the achievements.

Discernment of what Eric said makes that obvious. There's also the fact that all the guides are made during the event being *live*. There's also the fact that folks have been getting each aspect of this achievement, which is happening while it's live, which further reinforces the fact that it can be completed while it is live.
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