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No. I am asking that if they allow homosexual relationships into game, I have to option to avoid them altogether and have no homosexual companions. If someone wants homosexual relationships in the game, I am not stopping them. Why should I be forced into a situation that I don't want to be a part of?
Just to address this bit...

Yes, you're asking for special treatment. "If they add this, I want them to add this other thing, for me, so I don't have to see it." That's pretty much the definition of wanting special treatment.

Again, let me ask you -- where do they draw the line with "things I don't want to be part of?" Should there be a toggle that turns off the ability to torture Vette? Should there be a toggle that turns off the ability to see war-widows being abused? Should there be a toggle to turn off seeing slaves being abused and degraded by their masters?

Why should you get a toggle for the thing YOU don't want to see, but someone else who might be offended/turned off by those other things not get one? What makes your situation special? And where do you draw the line, before the whole game becomes toggle-able?

Just like you don't want to be forced into a situation you don't want to be part of? How would you like it if they forced a companion on you that spouted hatred against something that you are for? Say you are homosexual and they gave you a in-game companion that spouted insults and hatred against homosexuality? You would not like that, and you would like the option to not have that companion, as it would be extremely offensive to you. All I ask is that it become an option to have homosexual tendencies or not.
Where the hell does THIS rant come from? This sounds like a serious case of projection.
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