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I guess my only real preference is that they be written as companions, as characters, first, and as SGRA options last. By which I mean I don't want to see a companion specifically written to be "the gay option", because it seems to be almost inevitable when that's done that you get stereotypes and less well-developed characters, where being gay is their only significant trait.
Oh, I agree.

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In terms of what I do want... Watcher Two! I don't care that she's not technically a new character, she'd still be a new companion
Ha, yes...that's who my Agent wants. I think she counts...after finishing the IA storyline, I'd love to have her on the ship full-time. I believe she has some form of romance now with the male IA but I don't think it's as involved as the companion they could add in a new romance path for females and add in more content for the continuation with males (or to start it anew if you passed on it before).

So to the original question I should add: are there any existing non-companion NPCs that any of you would want as full companion/romance options?