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Zakuul was way too dependent on droids, and now that things ***ed up they gona have a hard time readjusting. But eventually they get back on the good old paradise on track, and with that kind of living it doesn't really matter who, or what rules. Also there is no slavery there (at least not that much as in the Empire), and it seemed that there is only top royalty, and the rest. No "chain of command" nobility. The survival of their soldiers in case of failure is up to the leader's mood though. But usually you got at least 50% chance to survive.
Hmmm, I wish Zakuul would be a starting zone so we can play and see how it would be living there... I play all the stories of the IMPS (BAD) and PUPS (GOOD) I know many take inspiration from the SW Canon characters, Like Sidius (Inquisitor), Vader (Wrath), Jedi Knight (Luke), Smuggler (Solo), Bounty Hunter (Boba), Consular (Um...Yoda? Not sure about this one) ANYWAY point is we dont have a Princess LEA story type raise in Royalty and later become the backbone of the Resistance...on less the "Outlander and his Alliance Story" counts as that...

It be good to see such a NEUTRAL perceptive before the chapters of the Outlander... Being adopted into Royalty like Lea and in secret built the resistance that help built into the events of the KOTET... Taken a bit of inspiration from LEA side of the story in canon...and spice it a bit with SWTOR Legends lore!

Returning to the original post...

I think like many have already stated the Sith Empire don't hide their ugly side and its a lore fact that if they where more united they crush the republic long ago...but they ARE the BAD GUYS.

The Republic are technically good as its supposedly have the senate that voice its people, but as such, there is much corruption, greed and personal/political agendas intertwine in the systems that will make positive changes take forever to implement. This is how Palatine was able to turn the Republic into an Empire through this type of government system...