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Right now I'm very confused because I'm playing a dark inquisitor and Ashara is pulling a light Jaesa on me - she seems to think I'm a good guy and that I want to reform the empire and I have no idea what she's talking about. It's especially irritating because often these conversations don't give me much option to disagree with her.
Yeah, Ashara is annoying like that. It's an interesting story for an LS Inq, but on a DS Inquisitor, it makes less than no sense that the story progresses as it does. (I first did the Inq story on a full-whack out-and-out black-hearted goggly-eyed maniac(1) of an Assassinette(2), and yes, the Ashara story didn't fit with her *at*all*.)

It makes me think that the full extent of Ashara's narrative evolution is another of those things that Kryptonomic has talked about, that got cut or mangled or lost in the squeeze. It would have been fascinating to be able to compare LSA and DSA in the way that we can compare LSJ and DSJ.

(1) To the extent that she is the only one of my characters who has done the Lord Wossname mission near the entrance to the Colossus on DK, where he asks you to poison the slaves' water supply with only just barely enough poison, so they die slowly and in maximum pain.

(2) Yes, of course she sliced and diced Bessiker's son. What did you think? (At least she was human, so she didn't have to hear him complain about being rescued by alien filth.)
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