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When i play a game i often imagine myself into other NPCs' situation, or would i like to live in there if i born into X position.

Now thing is, that the Republic is quite free. Officially it doesn't matter where you born you can achieve great things, or live a probably poor, but peaceful life. As force-sensitive you get dragged into the jedi order at a very young age, and while your life gona be strange i couldn't call it exceptionally bad. Their soldiers are allowed to fail, and retreat, and the worst thing they get is being fired, or some boring, and bad assigment.

Zakuul was way too dependent on droids, and now that things ***ed up they gona have a hard time readjusting. But eventually they get back on the good old paradise on track, and with that kind of living it doesn't really matter who, or what rules. Also there is no slavery there (at least not that much as in the Empire), and it seemed that there is only top royalty, and the rest. No "chain of command" nobility. The survival of their soldiers in case of failure is up to the leader's mood though. But usually you got at least 50% chance to survive.

In the empire there is a birthright chain of command. If you aren't lucky and born as a non-force sensitive slave, then you are gona have some hell of a life. And majority of the empire are like that. If you are force sensitive, then you get to Korriban where you have a good chance to die during trials. And even if you survive, then Siths kill each other all the time. Just play the Sith Inquisitor's story and you see just how lucky you must be to stand a chance. Last but not least their army. In the Empire there is no such thing as "retreat", or "mission fail". Failure means execution.

So no. The Empire is certanily not "good guys". If you randomly born into the Empire, then great chance, that you gona have a miserable, and short life.