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I'm curious why a lower queue setting is better. Is it as I was thinking, where if I get something queued up at the .5 second mark, then I can't change it at the .25 second mark in response to an enemy action? (Actually, I would have assumed that the game would take whatever the LAST thing was I hit before the GCD expired, but maybe not.) Or is there something else going on that I'm not seeing?
Well. I think it depends how spammy you are with your abilities and how fast you change your mind. For me on medicine its really mechanical and I like to spam a lot and adjust my input on the fly. If you have high reaction time and can use all your GCDs well you should always go 0 or .25. Personally I feel like .5 is too high because sometimes you do change your mind and you tend to do 2 things in a row but wanted to change it but now can't. When I had a .5 I tend to double click HoTs all the time or double rolling by mistake. I hated that.

I feel like .25 gives you less of an opportunity to mess up and easier to change your mind. The only situation I would suggest a higher action queue would be players who struggle with using abilities quickly on time with GCDs or struggle with high ping.
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