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Hmm. I changed my queue time to 0, and I still get the same behavior. Maybe it's some other setting. I don't think it's slow keypress speed, since I can pretty clearly see it "stop" the GCD progress bar animation as soon as I try to remove the guard.

But as I typed earlier, I'm not sure in the grand scheme of tanking, that it's such a big deal. I might see if I can figure out what setting while I'm waiting for queue pops or something. Or, I did this final testing by guarding NPC's on fleet. Maybe that also works different for some reason.

[EDIT: Ok, I tested this a bit more in a WZ. Removing guard doesn't seem to activate the GCD. So if I remove guard first, then I can immediately do another ability. But I still can't remove guard while the GCD is, well, cooling down. I don't know how to do 2 abilities at exactly the same time. As far as I know how to do things, you still have to do one then the other. So maybe your friend did the guard remove first? ]
No you actually are correct. I was wrong (I think I was slightly confused on what you were asking).

I understand now. You cannot remove guard in the middle of a GCD even when it's technically off the GCD. This seem like an oversight in the mechanics or a bug. Thanks for pointing this out.I will make sure to note this in the guide.

Sorry for the confusion!

Ps- I would still recommend you run at most .25 ability action queue.
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