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01.05.2015 , 04:48 PM | #111
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Those who switched pre-emptively, if they were not a rare 'multi-main' type of player who has a knack for playing lots of classes at limits, were basically scared. Fear makes you weak.

eheheheheh, last part sounds so awesome.
Yeah, the only reason I even contemplated swapping mains this xpac was for a change of pace. But seems few classes/specs really changed, so figured I'd stick with what I am best at. This along with the points we've both mentioned. But yeah, I believe it was said on a livestream, cant really remember where it was said by Dev, that they were thinking of "mega servers" as the means to combat poor queue times. Believe the main issue was retain player names and such and keeping the different type of servers. Personally, Id rather not have my name become "Vesev @ Jedi Covenant" similar to how they did guild names during the server consolidation way back when, so hopefully they come up with a better solution than that for names.

Edit: Actually, I believe it was said on a podcast. I'll have to look around for it.