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The server merges that may have caused your chars to vanish were in 2012. You could try to open a ticket, CS should sitill be able to restore these chars. They may have old stuff (armor shells, crafting schematics) you can't get anymore.

Anyway, with 5+ years after you last played it's a bit hard to list everything that is new for you. I'd treat SWTOR just like a new game if I were you.

Some major changes were:

  • Skill trees were removed, you no longer distribute skillpoints on levelup but automatically proceed on your "discipline path" and pick from a selection utilities for customisation.

  • Level sync: You level much faster now, but can no longer completely outlevel a planet to the point where mobs can't even hit you. You are scaled down (health and damage/healing) to the planet's max level +2, and still gain XP appropriate to your true level. (you can level to 70 on the starter planet if you want to)

  • Companions no longer require gear but are powered by influence instead (and they are very powerful) you also can now choose whether they should be tank, dps or healer and can use the companion you like instead of the one who compliments your character's role.

  • There are tons of other changes of course, like the addition of starfighter PVP and housing

For info on the game, is still up and kicking. Tor Fashion and Tor Decorating cover your space-barbie needs, and Swtorista has excellent video-guides for new (and returning) players.

And... Welcome back!
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