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12.13.2011 , 09:54 PM | #23
Some of my gamer friends use Skype and if I am not mistaken it does not have a "Push to Talk" (PTT) option, which means you hear EVERYTHING on both sides. I am not a fan because you hear their squeaking chair, keyboard, game music/sounds, burps, farts, cussing, screaming kids, private family talks, etc. With PPT, you can set a global HOT KEY so that you can press that key combo in-game which only activates your MIC and their MIC when you need to talk.

I started using RaidCall which gives you a free group (up to 50 people) chat room, PPT and may of the same features as Ventrillo and TeamSpeak... without the cost of monthly chat room hosting. It is totally free, light weight (on memory and processing) and crystal clear.