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Operations General Guides

Loot Tables

Eternity Vault Story Mode

Eternity Vault Veteran Mode

Explosive Conflict Story Mode

Explosive Conflict Veteran Mode

Explosive Conflict Master Mode

Karagga's Palace Story Mode

Karagga's Palace Veteran Mode

Terror from Beyond Story Mode

Terror from Beyond Veteran Mode

Terror from Beyond Master Mode

Dreadful Entity

Scum & Villainy Story Mode

Scum & Villainy Veteran Mode

Scum & Villainy Master Mode

Dread Fortress Story Mode

Dread Fortress Veteran Mode

Dread Fortress Master Mode

Dread Palace Story Mode

Dread Palace Veteran Mode
Dread Palace Master Mode

Ravagers Story Mode

Ravagers Veteran Mode

Temple of Sacrifice Story Mode

Temple of Sacrifice Veteran Mode

Gods from the Machine

Toborro's Courtyard

Geonosian Queen

World Bosses
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