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Keep in mind that this is a low population issue, not a game issue. The matchmaking just puts in what it gets. People who que for lowbies often are doing story and other stuff and the when the pop comes they might be in a cutscene or something so they decline, there is no one else in que so u end up 3v4. This is not a game issue, well technically it is, but it has to do with number of players in que. Its also why you are getting arenas instead of regular pvp maps. Its just not enough people. This will be solved when (and if) the game becomes more populated.
Making 3v4 games when there are 7 people in the queue is not a population issue. It’s a team allocation issue,

Yes, there is a low population, but the queue should just make a 3v3 and then rotate the 7th person through the next match and another person sits it out,
Arenas in lowbies or regs are usually over fast, so we are only talking about 3 or so minutes to wait to rotate through.

You also shouldn’t back fill teams that are even once the match starts. If a match is already 3v3, it should not back fill to make it 4v3 or even 4v4 because there is always the chance that one of those people will decline the pop.

If you have all one class on a team vs a mixed class team in regs, the team with all snipers or all merc or Mara’s or even all PTs is most likely going to win because combined they can become OP. That is broken matchmaking

Lastly, the queue and matchmaking is broken. It should wait till all players accept before putting you into the match. Then it should put those people in “holding” lobbies before allocating the teams.

None of that is a population issue, as you say, it’s a technical issue and that is what need to be fixed.