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In 6.0, please change it so it stops making 3v4 matches. Even in lowbies and lvl 70 regs. I know people can not accept, but when you load 4 players against none and then load up 3, it just makes people stop playing.
This happens a lot in lowbies because there are only 7 of us in the queue, itís not someone declining unless they are doing it for 2-3 hours straight. I know this because weíve had the same 7 players in every match.
As an example :
What makes it worse is the system puts all lvl 30+ on the team with 4 and then puts all the lower players on the team with 3.
On top of that, it puts two snipers and a merc with a healer on the team with 4 vs a PT, Sorc and lvl 11 Mara on the team with 3.
This isnít a one off or even a few matches. This can happen over and over for 5-6 matches till it swaps someone to the other team. But we still have a 3v4 match.
Honestly, it should work like this, put one sniper on each team and put the healer on the team with the lowest lvl players.
This current system kills lowbies even more because once 3v4 matches start, people start leaving before it starts and eventually stop queuing and then it doesnít pop at all.
And donít get me started on backfilling. When you have a 3v3 match already going. DONT BACK FILL AT ALL. Especially if you are only going to back fill one team and make it 3v4 for rounds two and 3.
Keep in mind that this is a low population issue, not a game issue. The matchmaking just puts in what it gets. People who que for lowbies often are doing story and other stuff and the when the pop comes they might be in a cutscene or something so they decline, there is no one else in que so u end up 3v4. This is not a game issue, well technically it is, but it has to do with number of players in que. Its also why you are getting arenas instead of regular pvp maps. Its just not enough people. This will be solved when (and if) the game becomes more populated.
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